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Quixote Foundation priorities evolve with current events. Our commitments for 2013 are either reserved or presently in development. We are not accepting Letters of Inquiry at this time.

  • Environmental Equity

    Environmental Equity bridges environmental protection and economic justice. We are currently supporting three organizations that do fundamental work on diversifying the environmental movement. Our funding is committed for 2014.

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  • U.S. Reproductive Rights

    Quixote Foundation seeks to engage policy makers, women, men, and especially youth in protecting the freedom to make thoughtful reproductive decisions. Our 2014 funding is reserved for a set of unsolicited “thank you” grants that recognize and support effective work.

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  • U.S. Election Integrity

    Democracy assumes that every vote is counted as cast. We support a national network of organizations and advocates who make sure citizens are allowed to vote freely, votes are counted accurately and the results can be verified. Our 2014 funding is reserved.

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  • U.S. Media Reform

    Speaking of democracy, to sustain one we need an accurate and independent media, and equitable, open access to the Internet for everyone. Our 2014 funding is reserved for organizations promoting independent media, media reform and sound media policy.

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