Quixote Foundation Symposium & Celebration
In November, 2016, our favorite collaborators, conspirators, family and friends met in Seattle for a Quixote Foundation Symposium & Celebration: two unforgettable days and nights of inQuiry, laughter and appreciation. We asked questions, made connections and celebrated our launch beyond Quixote Foundation into a Free, Fair & Healthy world.


Our first FF&H inQuiry:
What do free people in fair societies on a healthy planet need?
  •  Free Fair & Healthy Component Number 5284:

    It's always about the relationships that shape you and the way you shape others.

    amalia deloney, Media Democracy Fund
  •  Free Fair & Healthy Component Number 793:

    Finding and communicating truth empowers people to be active participants in democracy, active stewards of the planet, and to create good things for generations to come.

    Monika Bauerlein, Mother Jones
  •  Free Fair & Healthy Component Number 444:
    Life-giving structures

    I don't think we can get rid of the vestiges of some of the old structures...but seeing them transformed and changed into ways that are holistic and life-giving instead would be awesome.

    Anthony Giancatarino, Center for Social Inclusion
  •  Free Fair & Healthy Component Number 511:
    Reflective leadership

    [If you are] supporting movements, then you want the decision makers to reflect the people that they're helping.

    Trinh Nguyen, Media Democracy Fund
  •  Free Fair & Healthy Component Number 6522:
    Family history

    [I've learned] that different aspects of my family history have informed how I see the world, and this history of organizing [is] being carried forth.

    Simran Noor, Center for Social Inclusion
  •  Free Fair & Healthy Component Number 99:
    Cultural change

    To actually change our culture...we have to bring together a large number of different groups, and I'm really excited that this seems to be happening!

    Jo Ellen Kaiser, The Media Consortium




 FF&H Component 123: Stellar people

Guests arrived in Seattle

  • Founded in 1869 on Indian Land
  • Oldest spectacle: Mt. Rainier, 14,410'
  • Newest spectacle: the Great Wheel, 175'
  • Unexpectacle: Keys to the future (and the hotel room)
 FF&H Components 2068-69: Big ideas & belly laughs

Symposium Day 1

Not Just Any Registration, complete with day-drinking

inQuiry Installations: Decisions/snoisiceD

  • Notice of Proposed Land Use Action
  • Free, Fair & Healthy World Wide Web
  • The Brainstomery
  • Not-a-Game-Board

A Foundation Study

Launch Lunch with an update from Standing Rock and featured guest W. Kamau Bell

Grantee Appreciation Dinner









Symposium Day 2

We explored components of a Free, Fair & Healthy world in these interactive inQuiry sessions.

 Component 378: The Power of Being at Our Best,
Victoria Castle, Castle Enterprising

 Component 2514: Minds Ready for Change,
Zarina Parpia, Parpia Consulting

 Component 863: Confident Voices,
Pat Reilly & Rachel Oldham, PR&Co

 Component 434: Designs for Equitable Power,
Heidi Schillinger, Equity Matters

 Component 329: The Strength of Our Stories,
Catherine Day, Storyslices







Guests were shuttled from Hotel 1000 to a secret location where they explored Free, Fair & Healthy installations including the Observatory, AuditoryHmmm, Not a Bored Room and
Take a Chance Wing

Speechifying happened

We Danced the Future with Musical Guest Radio Raheem







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design and production:

Bryan Jeffrey Graham and the Big Tada, Inc. Team
Keneta Anderson, Keneta Anderson Consulting

event planning, management and logistics:
Judy Boerner Rule, Heidi Bernave and the JBR Event Management team

site design, lighting and audio:
JT Sapp, Jill Hashimoto & The Production Network team

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