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Quixote Foundation

Proposals are accepted by invitation only and we do not distribute guidelines.  Unless you are a current grant recipient, please do not telephone or email the foundation with project briefings, to propose meetings or to request program information. 

Quixote Foundation has already determined its 2006 giving in the areas of economic justice, U.S. election integrity and U.S. media reform; and is developing a program in environmental protection. No additional Letters of Inquiry are being accepted in those interest areas this year.  Please check this site early in 2007 for updated information.

Quixote Foundation is still accepting 2006 Letters of Inquiry in the area of U.S. reproductive rights.  Nonprofit organizations whose work falls within this interest area as described below may send a one-page letter of inquiry in English (we do not have the ability to translate other languages) via traditional post.  We don’t accept inquiries via email.  Briefly summarize the organization’s mission and the amount, purpose, and goals anticipated for a request. 

Within U.S. reproductive rights, we’re looking for ways to address the need for fresh messages that will compel young, new and nontraditional audiences to action.  We welcome Letters of Inquiry from organizations developing new ways to:

 Educate the public and policy makers about reproductive freedom issues

 Generate new, effective messaging about reproductive rights

 Encourage clients and family members to become reproductive freedom advocates

We’re especially interested in hearing from local/grassroots organizations and collaborative groups.  We do not fund direct services.

Please do not send email messages, long inquiries, supplemental materials or unsolicited proposals, as they will not be reviewed.  We’ll get in touch with you if we would like to consider a full proposal.

Letters of Inquiry will not be accepted in these interest areas for the remainder of 2006:

 Environmental protection:  We are developing a program in this area and will announce details during the year.

 Economic Justice:  We are currently supporting a project that builds the national progressive infrastructure.

 Election integrity:  We are continuing our support for the Election Verification Network and some related organizations.

 U.S. media reform:  We have made 2006 commitments to several organizations working in this area.


The Quixote Foundation wants to see:

Free people in fair societies

on a healthy planet.

Our priorities evolve with current events.

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