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Quixote Foundation

Don Quixote (we call him “Don”):  a rash romantic knight who travels the country taking on causes whose importance only he understands.  He “tilts at windmills,” charging into what he sees as a field of giants waving their long arms.  A windmill catches Don’s lance, flinging the knight and his horse across the plain.  Fortunes are “liable to frequent fluctuations,” says Don matter-of-factly, as he crafts a makeshift sword and rides on to the next adventure.

392 years after Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, Arthur Stuart Hanisch created the Quixote Foundation.  Stuart would have distributed the windmill’s clean energy to countries without power.  He would have insisted on living wages, paid for child and health care, hired women and minorities as windmill executives, and ensured free, fair elections for the next Queen or King.

Were these guys crazy?  Maybe a tad.  Inspired?  Absolutely.  We love Stuart’s progressive passion.  We’re motivated by Don’s fearless idealism.  We share their devotion to taking on the most urgent causes at hand, even those others don’t see.  And we plan to bring home a piece of the windmill in their names.

The Quixote Foundation wants to see:

Free people in fair societies

on a healthy planet.

Our priorities evolve with current events.

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