Arthur Stuart Hanisch (1932-2002)

Founder. Stuart spent a lifetime's energy and wealth defending the rights of others. He started Quixote Foundation, left his heirs free to do what they believed was best with its resources, and was a constant, important presence in all our work. Thank you, Stuart.

Don Quixote (1605-present)

Muse. Stuart discovered a kindred spirit in this wandering knight (and we ignored the Spanish translation to call him “Don”). Zany, brave and willing to be misunderstood to promote his ideals, Don reminded us to go beyond what’s safe and expected in the foundation world.

Board & Staff Leadership

Erik Hanisch

Board President. Volunteered as chief visionary and financial officer, had brainstorms that led to some of our best work, and carried the founder’s legacy forward with love and profound commitment.

Lenore Hanisch

Board Member and Senior Director of Engagement and Partnerships (previously Quixote Foundation’s first Executive Director). Mixed interest areas, advocates and donors into one big catalytic cocktail; understood the productive power of sharing food, conversation and laughter.

June Wilson

Board Member and Executive Director. Choreographed our movements, brought physical and emotional awareness to our work, kept us excited and held us accountable for living our values.

Previous Board Members

  • Arthur Stuart Hanisch
  • Richard Langer
  • Paul Soglin
  • Martha Vukelich-Austin


Elliott Smith

Anna Cho

Nathan Brown

Previous Staff

  • Mia Boyle
  • Emily Brown
  • Jennie Guiley
  • Dawn Jewell
  • Jenni Kennedy
  • Aana Lauckhart
  • Kayoko Mathews
  • Ian McFerron
  • Amber Rossino
  • Helen Vukelich
  • Sara Watson

Consultants & Trusted Advisors

Keneta Anderson

Bryan Jeffrey Graham

Zarina Parpia

Helen Brunner

Allison Barlow

Heidi Schillinger

Victoria Castle

Maketa Wilborn

Lisa Yancey

Coya White-Hat Artichoker

Catherine Day

Beroz Ferrell

Tod Hill

Other Consultants

  • Mary Berryman Agard
  • Pat Reilly
  • Betsy Taylor

Team Retreats

Team Q improved our work together, explored in-depth concepts and focused on serious decisions through a series of thought-provoking retreats. (Click a snapshot to view additional photos.)

Crystal Mountain, Washington, 2016: Change

New Orleans, Louisiana, 2013: Appreciation

Loreto, Baja California, 2012: Planning

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 2011: Bubbling Idealism

Quincy, Washington 2010: Movement

Big Island, Hawaii, 2009: Adaptation

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2008: Environment

Crystal Mountain, Washington, 2007: Balance

Group Photos

Thanks For Keeping Our House In Order

  • Chelsea Ackerman
  • Bob Bukowski
  • JP Kang
  • Janice Piper

Contractors & Vendors

  • John Adair
  • Joan Albee
  • Michael Bell
  • Judy Boerner-Rule
  • Mary Drobka
  • Ian Hewitt-Woods
  • Gavin Kerr Hunter
  • Elaine Lasnik-Broida
  • Liz & Dan Lundquist
  • Tana Mattson
  • Ann Northrop
  • Matthew Rose
  • Rebecca Ross
  • Lisa Samuelson
  • Sam Tucker
  • Laverne Woods
  • Rita Woolworth

And Still Many Others...

More people than we can name contributed to our inspiration, determination and daily work. We appreciate each person in the Quixote Foundation community.