Net Neutrality: Very Serious Fun

Why is everyone so excited about Net Neutrality - the only two words that promise more boredom in the English language than "Featuring Sting?" Because the Internet isn't broken and big telecom companies want to break it.

May 31, 2014 (originally published on Storify)

Yesterday part of the Federal Communications Commission's web site was overloaded by people speaking out to protect Net Neutrality.

The deluge of comments seems to have been inspired by this laugh-out-loud brilliant video, in which John Oliver suggests we reframe Net Neutrality as "Preventing Cable Company F**kery," because that's what it is."


We're laughing, as the saying goes, "to keep from crying." Big telecom companies like Comcast and Verizon want to create an Internet fast lane with better speeds for huge companies that can pay high fees. Picture sitting in rush hour traffic while other cars whiz by in a toll lane, and you'll begin to get the idea. (Can you really afford to spend more of your wages just to make it to work on time?)

But the Internet's toll lane would be populated with only a few corporate limousines. Students, start ups, job seekers, nonprofits, small businesses, and virtually all other ordinary "drivers" would be stalled out, stuck on the wrong side of a solid white line.

And with a former cable-and-wireless corporate lobbyist overseeing the FCC, "...our government looks set to end net neutrality and let these companies run wild." We need widespread action to protect what Oliver called the Internet's "weirdly-level playing field."

The FCC web site is back on line so go to and speak out now. Share this story with all your friends and post it on every social media outlet. With enough help, we can prevent "Cable Company F**kery" and save Net Neutrality.

—written by Keneta Anderson for Quixote Foundation